business travelersMore and more business professionals and entrepreneurs find themselves on the road a large portion of their calendar.  Preparation is the key to reducing stress, minimizing hassle and increasing productivity for your upcoming business trip.  Here are few tips from other seasoned travelers:

1. Pack for today’s airline trends.  There is much competition for space in the overhead bin, since so many travelers these days prefer carry-on.  Instead of one large carry on, bring two more equal sized bags, so you can fit one under your seat and other in the overhead bin in the remaining space from someone else’s larger bag.

2. Or better yet, check your bags!  Thanks to new electronic tracking systems, today there is less than a 0.3 percent chance of luggage being lost. Plus, little time is saved by keeping it with you. Meanwhile, by checking, TSA is faster, you can pack any size shampoo, avoid scrambling for overhead space, and you get an easy, lightweight walk through the terminal. You can avoid fees with frequent flyer status or an airline credit card.

3. Pack light but sensibly.  Choose clothes that can be versatile, with a variety of accessories to get more ‘wear’ out of each outfit.  Don’t forget to pack your chargers, usb cords, and converters. Avoid the panic by consulting websites like Countryplug, which show you what you need to bring…before you leave home.

Dress to be comfortable,” says Carol Margolis, who runs and is author of Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel With Confidence.   “Don’t try to have a different outfit or pair of shoes for every day. I stick to one color combination per week. This way it’s so much easier and needs only one pair of business shoes.”

4. Keep travel documents organized.  When printing or receiving travel documents —itineraries, confirmation emails, maps—move them immediately into a colored, transparent envelope. It’s easy to grab on your way out the door to the airport, and easy to find in your bag. The envelope also becomes a handy place to store receipts.

Business-Travel-255.  Bring a real book.  E-readers are fine, but any flight will leave you with over 90 minutes of non-electronic time.  Reading can do much to help you escape the stress of your journey.

6. Get a small laptop.  Tablets (even with keyboards) can be severely inadequate for serious editing work.  The cloud helps you use a small laptop for travel even if you need the big screen at home, and you’ll be thrilled with the portability for walking and full features out and about.

7. Double-book for crucial meetings.  For some crucial trips, you can’t afford to have a flight cancelled or delayed, because you’ll miss a meeting. On those occasions, double-book airline tickets. In addition to the flight that’s your number one choice, purchase a fully refundable ticket for the same schedule, but on another airline or from another local airport.

University-Inn-hotel8. Choose the right hotel.   Make sure your hotel has all the business amenities you need for a successful meeting/conference/interview.  For example, make sure the hotel offers:  Internet, printer, fax and copying machine and phone service.  Choose a hotel that is centrally located to your destination or meeting place, with ample parking and close proximity to eateries, shopping and office supply stores.

  • University Inn Hotel is centrally located, in the heart of Lexington, KY (we are the closest hotel to the University of Kentucky campus, as well as the UK Hospital and Medical Center.
  • University Inn Hotel provides our business travelers with the following amenities:
    • Continental Breakfast
    • Wireless Internet Access
    • Fitness Center
    • Stylish & spacious lobby for your enjoyment
    • Conference Room
    • Clean, Fully equipped rooms with refridgeratior and more.
    • Centrally located to everything you need or want to do in Lexington, KY
  • University-inn-hotelUniversity Inn has a spacious lobby & common space.  With our stylish seating, and luxurious ambiance, groups in the lobby we invite you guests to wind down, visit or and relax. In the common areas, we offer an abundance of seating to table and chairs next to snack machines provide a perfect place for a game of cards, a quiet place to work or a space for meetings.
  • University Inn’s Staff is courteous, helpful and ready to assist your business travel plans.
    • We have been here before and always have great accommodations, friendly service and clean, comfortable rooms!” (See more testimonials.)

9.  Reduce stress through health tips.   Take slow deep breaths, stay hydrated, avoid drinking alcohol on the plane, and do your best to reduce caffeine and sugar.   Reduce carbohydrates and eat salads and vegetables instead, since they are easier to break down and convert to energy.  Take a walk for 10-15 minutes per day.

10.  Take care of S.E.L.F.  Dr Kathleen Hall of The Stress Institute and Mindful Living Network suggest the following philosophies to the route to blissful travel:

  • S – Serenity. Reacting to every obstacle will raise your blood pressure and heart rate. Surrender to your travel and treat it as a classroom (learning experience), not a prison (punishment).
  • E – Exercise. Exercising releases endorphins that reduces your stress response. Plan for a quick 15 minutes on the treadmill or a couple quick laps in the pool before breakfast.
  • L – Love. Traveling is stressful, so take tools to comfort yourself on the plane and in your travels. It may be your favorite blanket, pillow or music
  • F – Food. Eat foods that are high in omega 3 and B6 / B. Try a tuna sandwich or banana. Avoid eating fatty, greasy foods, which can make you feel more anxious.

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