This pursuit of quality and innovation that became Lexington Clinic was begun by two doctors, Waller O. Bullock and David Barrow, who wanted to create a facility in Kentucky that provided services along the lines of the Mayo Clinic. A partnership totaling nine doctors was formed and the dream was realized. The first several years after its opening saw the Lexington Clinic achieve several firsts besides the ones afore mentioned.

Today, the Clinic continues with its tradition of hard work and dedication by treating over 2,000 patients daily. More than 150 highly skilled physicians covering over 30 specialty fields tirelessly provide professional and compassionate care to all who seek treatment at the various Lexington Clinic locations across the state.

In actuality, the entire medical team has pledged to provide the highest quality healthcare in a personalized and innovated way, ensuring that each patient maintains an enhanced quality of life. All clinic personnel strive to adhere to the central core values of excellence, integrity, quality service, compassion, respect, dedication and fiscal responsibility. All those visiting the city of Lexington will not only appreciate the attentive care received at Lexington Clinic, but will also enjoy the friendly service provided at the various hotels in Lexington, Ky.

A recent alliance between Lexington Clinic and Central Kentucky Surgery continues the progressive trend of finding ways to more effectively and efficiently administer patient care. The new partnership will not only improve surgical services, but it will also streamline communications between facility and physician as well as create a greater accessibility to electronic health records.

The reason for the increased dedication to growth combined with efficient healthcare treatment is the continuing illness burden being placed on the state’s economy. Rising healthcare costs and increasing numbers of illnesses place pressure on such facilities to both adapt and improve. Mergers like the one between the Lexington Clinic and Central Kentucky Surgery are good examples of how healthcare costs can be lowered while healthcare service standards are raised. A wide selection of hotels in Lexington, Ky assist with savings by offering guests a range of affordable options for all income backgrounds.

If you, or a loved one, are in need of medical attention, you will receive quality healthcare and dedicated service at a reduced cost by visiting any of these Clinics. Also, for guests of those traveling with Clinic patients, lovely rooms and attentive service can be found at any one of the many hotels in Lexington, Ky, many of which are conveniently located near the Lexington Clinic.

When visiting Lexington KY you will find exceptional accommodations convenient to downtown, UK, Rupp Arena and the best of medical facilities at the University Inn.

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