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UK Hospital is across the street from University Inn

University of Kentucky Hospital is across the street from University Inn Hotel

Traveling to another city for medical treatment brings a host of complications in an already stressful time.  Receiving medical treatment far from home can be challenging.  Some of the biggest issues are (1) finding affordable places to stay, (2) dealing with transportation and scheduling issues, and (3) figuring out how to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar city.

Since your health and the required treatment should be your focus and the reduction of stress can aid to your healing process, its imperative that you take care of yourself first and plan ahead so you feel at ease during your stay.

So here are some tips and advice on how to make your medical-required stay as stress-free and peaceful as possible.

  1. Find Affordable and Convenient Lodging:  University Inn Hotel accommodates a large percentage of out-of-town or out-of-state patients, and understands the needs and demands of your upcoming medical treatment.  If you’re staying with University Inn Hotel for medically related reasons, you can walk across the street to the University of Kentucky Hospital and Medical Center, the Kentucky Clinic, the VA Hospital and the Markey Cancer Center. Just down the street is Central Baptist Hospital. St. Joseph Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and Lexington Clinic are just blocks away.
    1. Discounts are available for those who need medical treatment at any of the area hospitals or medical clinics.  For more information on our centrally located hotel to all the Lexington KY Hospitals, click here.
  2. Plan Ahead:  Advance planning could mean requesting a wheelchair at the airport, getting assistance boarding a plane, or bringing medication on the airplane in case of illness.  Your doctor may provide a packet with antibiotics and nausea medication to help when traveling.  Make sure to have any medical documents, lab results, scans or paperwork with you when traveling as to avoid loss or damage.
    1. University Inn Hotel provides a continental breakfast early enough that your family members or escorts can enjoy before your surgery or treatment.
  3. Act like a Tourist:  Do research ahead of time to find places to eat, local drug or grocery stores if you need supplies, and lodging that is located conveniently close to the medical facility you will be receiving treatment.  Depending on your circumstances, you may want to see the sights of your destination city, such as museums, zoos and parks or scenic walks.  In Lexington, KY and near University Inn Hotel, we have sports arenas, equestrian parks and horse tracks, and a variety of Arts, Leisure and Shopping venues.
  4. Keep a Positive Attitude:  One patient summed it up this way: “There is really no challenge too big when you want to get effective treatment and control the disease. The biggest barrier when traveling out of town is yourself and your attitude, and you just have to make it work. It’s worth it.”
  5. Relax & Focus on Healing:  After your arrangements have been made, your treatment
    Markey Cancer Center is 0.4 miles from University Inn Hotel

    Markey Cancer Center is 0.4 miles from University Inn Hotel

    scheduled and your hotel booked, let go of the stress and anxiety so you can focus on healing.  Many experts suggest different techniques but many agree through meditation, peaceful visualization, and deep breathing, you can reduce the tension in your life regarding your upcoming treatment.