drinking-groupWhether you like to “party” on New Year’s eve or not, here are some tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy as you ring in 2013.

1. If drinking, pace yourself.  Consider diluting your drinks with soda or seltzer water.

2. Eat while drinking. Consume high protein foods like peanuts, cheese and meat to slow down absoption.  And know that coffee does not ‘sober you up’.

3. If your hosting a party, arrange transportation for guests to get home safely.  Arrange a shuttle or pay for a cab.  Stop serving alcohol to your guests several hours before the party ends.

4.  Don’t drink and drive.  Not only does alcohol dull your senses, your reflexes and your judgment, it also makes you less aware of how impaired you actually are – a vicious cycle. If going out, have a designated sober driver (friend or hired driver), take a cab or arrange to stay overnight at a local hotel walking distance from your party.

5. Make overnight arrangements prior to the party.  Don’t risk the ride home, extend the party to the next morning by choosing a hotel centrally located to the party or the pub/bar you plan to ring in the new year.

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