Are Face to Face Meetings Out-of-Date? Why not?

Despite the convenience of the internet, conference calls, online meetings platforms, and video chats, there is still value in the face-to-face meeting.   There are definite benefits of the traditional meeting setup, sitting with colleagues and employees hashing out strategies, bouncing off ideas and being a physical part of the interchange of problem-solving.

University Inn Hotel's conference room

University Inn Hotel’s conference room

Through the face-to-face meeting, you are able to see and hear one another in the same room, with the full vocal and visual communication to better understand and interpret what others are saying.  It’s easier to quickly respond to questions, be creative and keep discussions private and confidential.

How to Plan a Successful Meeting?

  1. Clearly state the purpose of the meeting.  When inviting and advertising your meeting, conference, workshop or presentation, be sure to clearly state the purpose of the meeting, the agenda, and what your attendees will accomplish by participating.
  2. Set a time frame for your meeting agenda.  If you have several speakers or several activities planned, make sure you and all your speakers/facilitators are aware of their time frames and they stick to it.  Show respect to your attendees by setting a start time and end time so they can allot time for the meeting in their busy schedules.  Be punctual and end the meeting on time.
  3. Choose interesting & engaging speakers.   The purpose of the meeting is to share, inform and instruct.  If the speakers are monotone, ill-prepared or not experienced public speakers, they can actually distract from the message you are trying to convey.  Taking time to interview, preview and have several rehearsals prior to the meeting so you avoid any mishaps.
  4. University Inn Hotel conferencChoose the right venue.  Choose a venue where the focus will be on the information  presented.   At restaurants, the focus will be on the food and drink amidst the buzz and activity of the other diners. Investing in a professional conference room that is  quiet, versatile, professional, and well-equipped, will be worth the cost.
    1. Quiet:  At University Inn Hotel, we offer a quiet space on the first floor of the hotel, with easy access to the main lobby, refreshments, and bathrooms across the hall.  It is a well-lit space with several windows that also offer natural light.
    2. Versatile:  Our conference room is versatile with nine layouts for class room style, u-shape, hollow square, crescent rounds or receptions style.  So you have a variety of layouts depending on the type of meeting or event you will be hostings.  [See our layouts]
    3. Professional:  At University Inn Hotel, our conference room is equipped with a professional staff to help the setup and running of your meeting, a clean, orderly and ample space and comfortable seating and tables.   Our new conference room is over 800 square feet that can comfortably hold up to 40-50 attendees depending on the meeting layout.
    4. Well-Equipped:  With flat screen television/monitor, professional sound system, computer/laptop hookup, and a professional & contemporary podium, you can present your information easily and without distractions.  Our in-house IT staff will be there if you need guidance during setup prior the meeting or troubleshoot issues throughout.
  5. Take Breaks & Offer Refreshments:  Out of respect for your speakers and your attendees, take breaks throughout the meeting day or at least once every ninety minutes, so they go to the restroom, stretch, digest the information and grab a refreshment.  Most people will struggle to focus if they are hungry, thirsty or aren’t moving for long periods of time.  So to enhance the learning experience of your workshop or meeting, provide light, nutritious refreshments and the opportunity to enjoy them during the 10-15 minute breaks.
    1. University Inn Hotel’s conference room is equipped with an attached kitchenette to keep your drinks and refreshments cold, space to prepare the food, and a microwave to warm up any food items.
  6. Avoid Distractions:  Encourage all guests to turn off their electronic devices at the start of the meeting.  Keep on topic and stick to the outline/agenda.  The fastest way to lose interest in your meeting is to let it run amuck.
  7. Keep Minutes:  Prepare to have a member of your staff take brief notes of who attended, topics discussed, decisions reached, who was designated to accomplish any tasks assigned, and what topics to be discussed next time.  Minutes need not be very detailed (you don’t need to write down what everyone says).  Minutes provide learning opportunities to improve the organization and subject matter of future meetings.

Why University Inn Hotel’s conference room is the Perfect Venue for your Next Meeting

"Inn the heat of Lexington"

“Inn the heat of Lexington”

University Inn Hotel is the closest hotel to the University of Kentucky campus, and conveniently located to three area hospitals.  From our Hotel, you can walk across the street to the University of Kentucky Hospital and Medical Center, the Kentucky Clinic, the VA Hospital and the Markey Cancer Center. Just down the street is Central Baptist Hospital. St. Joseph Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and Lexington Clinic are just blocks away.  We also offer our guests and your meeting attendees free ample off-street parking.

Call our staff today at (859) 278-6625 to begin planning your next conference, workshop, presentation or meeting in the Lexington, KY area.  With easy access from South Limestone Street, we are centrally located and “inn the heart of Lexington”.


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