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Although it can be a daunting task to find just the right place for your soon-to-be-graduating senior but here are some tips when you start researching campuses.

1.  Before you start planning, research the schools.  First narrow down the numbers and then research websites, forums, guidebooks and catalogues.  The more research you do beforehand, you’ll know which questions to ask to learn more when you’re there.

2.  Schedule an interview with the Admissions office.  Call ahead to schedule it, so you’re prepared and have the time set.  Even if you aren’t sure if your student is going to apply to the school, it is worth doing the interview. You may find out that you like the school during the interview or you may find you like it better after looking at others.

3.  Take the Admissions tour.  This way you can see the highlights of the school, get a preview of your child’s life there and ask questions as they arise.

4.  Leave Proof that you Visited.  Sign the guest book, fill out the card provided, thus showing interest in their college, which can be a consideration during the admissions decisions.  They will be tracking your contact with the school.

5.  Let your senior ask questions.  This visit isn’t just for you, the parent, but also a huge decision for your child.  Don’t monopolize the tour, the interview or the admissions officers.


6.  Spend time on  Campus.  Schedule more than one day to visit the campus.  Wander off the beaten track, look around the other buildings that were not on the tour, and spend time where your student will be spending most of theirs:  classrooms, dorms, dining halls, student centers, gyms, music rooms and parking facilities.  Talk to students walking around, ask about day to day life, what they like/dislike about the school.  Look at bulletin boards, newspaper, student kiosks.

7.  Spend time off Campus.  Check around the surrounding neighborhood.  Is it safe?  Does it provide a variety of eateries, grocery and shopping that is easily accessible to the campus?  Are they adequate job opportunities close-by if needed?  Are they adequate off-campus rooming and apartments for your student in the future?

8.  Imagine yourself as a Student.  Put yourself in your son or daughter’s shoes.  How does this school/campus fit for your specific child?  Can you see them here?  Could you see yourself?

9.  Track your Results.  Keep a journal of all the schools you visit, what you liked, disliked and things you may still have questions about.  Talk to your child and come up with a pro/con list for you and them.

10.  Find a comfortable place to stay during your visit.  If possible choose a place in walking distance to the campus so you can explore the surrounding area during your stay.  Choose a hotel that caters to alumni and student parents, has staff that knows the area and long to assist in your getting to know the area.  If you are visiting the University of Kentucky campus, University Inn Hotel is the closest hotel to the campus.

intro76Independently owned, the University Inn Hotel offers a host of amenities without the added costs.  With a delicious continental breakfast served fresh each morning, free internet access, a fully equipped fitness center, and a versatile, professional conference room, we have everything you need for your trip to Lexington, KY.

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