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business travellers waiting for their flight at airportAs you prepare for an upcoming business trip, you are busy preparing for your upcoming presentation, interview or your sales pitch as you meet new prospects.  You want to focus on making the best first impression to get the job, the new client or make new partnerships.  So the last thing you want to spend time and focus on is transportation, lodging and logistic details.  If you have a secretary or a travel department, you’re can rely on them for the booking and scheduling, but if you’re an entrepreneur or job applicant, you may be on your own.

Here are some tips to prevent your next business trip from overwhelming you or distracting you from the purpose of your trip.

  1. packing-listIf you’re a frequent traveler, stay packed at all times.  Have your bag ready with essentials such as toiletries, charging cables, and other consistent things you will need for each trip. Every couple of trips, replenish the items you need and then that is less thought and time in planning for the next trip.  Use the packing list to the right to make your packing easier and less likely to forget anything.
  2. Avoid checking your bag at the airport.  Pack tightly and efficiently so you can avoid checking luggage and risk losing it.  You may or may not save money from checking your bags, because some airlines are charging for carry-on as well.  Also, use checkpoint-friendly bag to reduce your time through security. *For more information:
  3. Do research on the weather and local area interests and recommended dining spots.  Weather reports will help you choosing the right suit, dress or attire for your trip, and whether you need to bring a coat or an umbrella.  And if you would like to continue the conversation with prospects or colleagues beyond the meeting, have a few restaurants or coffee shops in mind that are conveniently located to your meeting spot and/or hotel.
  4. Pack gym and/or leisure clothing.  Don’t forget comfortable clothes and your walking shoes so you can take a brisk walk, work out at the hotel gym or be prepared for sightseeing or casual outings with your business group. Exercise during travel can help relieve stress, help you fall and stay asleep, and prevent back or neck pain from sitting in meetings all day.
  5. Sign up for Frequent Travel Programs with Airlines and Hotels.  You will save money, time and receive additional benefits by enrolling in various reward programs for airlines and hotels.  If you’re an international traveler, US News comments, “Ease international airline travel by registering for services like Global Entry or other pre-check programs. Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows pre-approved travelers to bypass traditional security checks.”
  6. Be Mobile-Ready.  Make sure your cellphone carrier does not charge extra for travel, especially out of the country.  You may buy a pre-paid phone or a mobile hotspot so you can stay connected to work as well as avoid additional fees.
  7. Ship rather than carry home. If you do some shopping or buy souvenirs while you’re away, they can cost more to carry with you on the plane than it would to just ship them back home. Not to mention avoiding the hassle of carrying these items and potentially damaging them as you squeeze them in the overhead luggage carrier.
  8. Eat smart.  Eat less carbohydrates, more fruits, vegetables and protein so you keep your energy up and aren’t weighed down.  Don’t over indulge on cocktails, drink more water and avoid sweetened beverages.  Keep coffee to early in the day and no more than two cups per day so you can get a good night’s sleep. Make sure you get recommendations for dining/restaurants before you go out to eat.  Use a local resource such as the staff at your hotel.
  9. University Inn Hotel, Lexington KY

    University Inn Hotel, Lexington KY

    Enjoy exploring the area.  Even though your purpose of travel if business, don’t let the opportunity to see famous area attractions, enjoy the local scenery, taste speciality dishes or experience something new.  Visit the local area tourism’s website, check out what is happening on their calendar while you’re there.  Learning something new about the local history or culture will enrich your conversation with prospective clients or employers during your visit.

  10. Choose lodging carefully.  Find a hotel that is clean, quiet, has ample parking, an on-site gym, conveniently located, has a helpful & friendly staff and has ample positive reviews.  If you’re traveling to Lexington KY for a business meeting, workshop, or job interview, don’t overlook University Inn Hotel.  We have all of the above and we have hotel rewards for our repeat guests.  Call us to help you plan your trip! (859) 278-6625.

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